Top Eateries in Saskatchewan’s Capital


When you’re visiting Saskatchewan, you ideally want to experience all the city has to offer. One of the most important parts of the experience has to be eating. Now, everyone loves to eat and what better way to enjoy that delicious new food is to try some of the top eateries. So, which eateries should you choose and what can you try there? Read on to find just a few of the top eateries within the capital of Saskatchewan.

13th Avenue Coffee House

If you want to start your day with a coffee and a muffin, this is the ideal spot for you. 13th Avenue Coffee House is a wonderful eatery and one of the top options for any visitor today also. Here, you can try the amazing espressos, and there are lots of savory and indeed sweet items too. It doesn’t matter if you want to try something stronger because this little coffee house has it all. You can enjoy beer and a lovely selection of organic wine too. It’s opened from early in the morning and doesn’t close until around eight pm at night which is great. What is more, it’s quite affordable too.Read review here!

Caraway Grill

The Caraway Grill is going to be a true quality eatery and you will not regret stopping in here either! This is a wonderful Indian restaurant with lots of traditional Indian inspired dishes to enjoy. You can try korma chicken or the mutter paneer; there is lots of amazing specialty dishes to enjoy and it’s quite affordable. Anyone visiting the Caraway Grill will truly love the experience and there are lots of amazing dishes to try.

The Bushwakker Brewpub

Located in the Old Warehouse District, the Bushwakker Brewpub is a perfect eatery for those who want great pub grub and an excellent atmosphere. There are over twenty beers available and there is a boar burger that you could try. This wonderful eatery offers something for everyone and there are plenty of friendly locals to talk to as well. In terms of affordability you can find it’s pretty good and it’s opened in the morning right through until the late hours of night.Get full detailed from

Milky Way

bistroIf you are visiting the area you absolutely must visit the Milky Way. This is a fantastic and very iconic eatery that has been around ever since the 1950’s. You have dozens of ice cream choices to choose from and you can try a frozen yogurt if you wanted to. This might not be the more traditional eatery and yet it does offer so much for so little. This is the iconic eatery that any visitor will be crazy to miss.

Enjoy All Saskatchewan Has To Offer

The above are only a handful of amazing eateries within the area but there are lots more and you will enjoy trying them all out. There are a host of amazing dishes to try and the great thing is that if you are in the area for a prolonged period of time you can visit many eateries. You will love to eat and love all the area has to offer.